Daily Summertime Eats.

Summer is the best time of year to eat fresh, local produce.

And let’s be honest. I just KNOW you’re so interested in what I eat when I’m not blogging about my recipes.

So here’s a glimpse of what I’ve been chompin’ on the past few weeks while staying at my family’s home in Wisconsin:

La Croix

La Croix sparkling water – my beverage of choice to power me through the day. Next to Pellegrino and an inappropriate amount of coffee, of course!

lunch salad

Salad with mixed greens, chopped grilled chicken, farmers market peaches, blueberries, pecans, and balsamic vinaigrette.


Omelet with farm-fresh eggs, grape tomatoes, red bell pepper, spinach, and avocado.

paleo breakfast

Breakfast for my husband of scrambled eggs, smoked bacon, avocado and nectarines.

roasted carrots

Carrots about to be roasted in the oven. A nightly staple on our dinner table.

roasted tomatoes

Grape tomatoes about to be roasted in the oven. I love the texture when they “pop.”

apple slices and kerrygold grassfed cheddar

My new favorite addition to the cocktail appetizer platter: apple slices with Kerrygold grassfed cheddar. Can I get a yum please?

avocados and blueberries

Favorite quick snack: diced avocado and blueberries drizzled with local honey (sometimes I throw in some pecans too).

salad on the pier

Use-up-the-leftovers salad out on the pier for lunch while the dogs splash.

sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes ready to be roasted in the oven. The end result is like a Snickers bar. I use the leftovers to make hash for breakfast.

beef tenderloin

To celebrate my mom’s birthday, my family enjoyed an unforgettable six-course meal by two private chefs. This was an arugula salad with shaved Italian Parmesan, mini balsamic balls, and the MOST AMAZING beef tenderloin. I love how the beef was perfectly medium rare. Still dreaming about it.


A final sear on the grill for barbecue baby back ribs with the help of my brother-in-law. This was a fun, messy, hands-on dinner. I’ve been eating the barbecue sauce all week long. I’m working on a recipe for you guys!


An elegantly displayed Italian appetizer platter brought by our friends at a recent dinner party. I especially loved the marinated artichoke hearts and olives. I also like how everything was arranged on a bed of lettuce atop a silver platter. Looks pretty and appetizing, doesn’t it?

herb butter

My sister made homemade herb butter inspired by a recipe in Cook’s Illustrated The Best Make-Ahead Recipe Cookbook. Basically you just take any herb you fancy (I love basil, dill, and parsley) and combine it with room temperature salted butter and black pepper. Refrigerate and voila. I’ve been using the leftovers to dress my veggies and to cook my eggs in the morning. It makes me want to sing “Herb butter in the club getting tipsy…”

paleo brownies

A successful attempt at paleo sweet potato brownies! So yum. Sometimes a girl has just gotta have her cocoa. Working on a complete recipe for you guys!

grilled zucchini

Zucchini ready to be thrown on the grill. So wish I could do this in the wintertime.


All of the ingredients ready for guacamole. Mmm mmm mmm.

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Nell is my best kitchen clean-up buddy!


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