As you may have noticed, the recipes on my blog have taken a new direction in the past few months and I have yet to address these changes.

As of fall 2012 I am proud to say that I have embraced the paleo lifestyle (to the best of my abilities) after joining a Crossfit box.

While I won’t get into the science or the why or the how here on my blog, I will give you a list of resources where you can find all the 411 on paleo. I’ve also created a new page my Recipe Index for all of my Paleo/Primal Recipes as well as some of my older recipes that can be adapted to be paleo.

Don’t worry, I promise to continue posting the same crowd-pleasing recipes and entertaining tips that (I hope) attracted you to read my silly little rants in the first place. But from now on, my goal is to post recipes that feature whole, unprocessed ingredients from responsibly-sourced animal and plant products whenever possible.

Because honestly, I’ve never felt or performed better in my day-to-day life. And not to mention, I’ve never made such delicious, gourmet food since “going paleo.” AKA, people at my dinner table have been very, very pleased with the food I’ve been preparing. 🙂 Hey, life changes, people change, hence this blog is going to change.

Disclaimer, I am definitely not 100% on this day-in and day-out though. For example, I LOVE to indulge on ice cream, chocolate, parmesan cheese, and wine when the time feels right. But I definitely try to do it the vast majority of the time, and when I am making non-paleo choices I am very much aware of it.

And in case you were wondering, no, my other half does not by any means follow the paleo lifestyle with me. But if I continue to make crazy-delicious gluten-free food, maybe, just maybe, he’ll come around and join me. In the meantime, I’m not forcing him, or you guys for that matter either!

Thanks for listening to this rare-occurring personal post, and I hope you continue to enjoy reading and making recipes from my blog!

Questions? Comments? Want to know more? Please feel free to contact me anytime! I love hearing from you!


6 responses to “Ch-ch-ch-changes.

  1. We look forward to your posts!!! We have a bunch of friends always looking for paleo recipes!

  2. saltysweetsour

    I’ve been considering going paleo for awhile now – I’m thrilled to hear how much better you feel! I have a friend who eats paleo during the week only (she says the weekends are too difficult) and she says it’s made a big difference for her as well.

  3. catfishback

    Exciting! I’m curious to learn more about the Paleo diet.

    FEST (food, style, travel)


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