quinoa burrito bowls with black beans, corn, and avocado.

Let me tell you a thing or two about Mr. Peaches & Cake’s version of cooking.

Yes, yes, he has been known to venture into the kitchen once a year for Valentine’s Day and cook a mean bratwurst on the grill, if you can consider that cooking.

But often times, his version of cooking is reheating some leftovers that I’ve made and smothering them in a pool of barbecue sauce, no matter what the dish is.

Case in point: the other day I sauteed some store-bought chicken and vegetable dumplings and added edamame and sesame seeds to make a quick Asian-inspired dinner.

Then the next day he reheats those same dumplings and edamame, douses them in barbecue sauce and cheese, and then stuffs them into a TORTILLA.


It was like an Asian-St. Louis-Mexican fusion.

I stood there befuddled.

But hey, at least we used up our leftovers.

Anyway, I made these quinoa burrito bowls from Tori’s blog The Shiksa in the Kitchen over the weekend as we were both craving something healthy and delicious (I slightly adapted it by upping the onions, garlic, and lime juice and also served them with warmed tortillas on the side). They are 100% vegetarian and super filling due to the protein in the quinoa and the black beans.

Mr. Peaches claimed he didn’t even miss the meat. Score, I win.

Now I’m just interested to see what he does with the leftovers…

Head on over to The Shiksa in the Kitchen for the complete recipe!

peaches & cake

3 responses to “quinoa burrito bowls with black beans, corn, and avocado.

  1. I love it! My husband completely ignores all leftovers unless I actually serve them to him, so I think that’s great. These burrito bowls look awesome- I love anything with quinoa 🙂

  2. HAHA, this cracked me up.

    my mother is an incredible cook; my father has delusions of grandeur. we all have an ongoing family joke that she could get a food network cooking show, and then my father could have the segment immediately after, where he just takes the leftovers, and heats them up with a bit of olive oil in a pan (literally, how he heats and prepares anything leftover…..)


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